September 2017 Codechecker Performance Report

This is the second post of a series of posts detailing Codechecker, specifically on scale, performance and security aspects.

Among many performance metrics that we track, the top 3 metrics in priority are total submission count, queue time and total turn around time.

  1. Total Submission Count – Total number of code submissions processed.
  2. Queue Time – Time in seconds taken by the codechecker before the codechecker starts processing the code submission.
  3. Turn Around Time – Total time in seconds taken by the codechecker to process the submission. This includes queue time, code-compile time, code run time and callback time. We focus a lot on the turn around time and put in all our efforts to make sure we show the results of your code as soon as possible.

We’ve retained similar queue numbers compared to our previous month. There is still a lot of scope for improvements in smoothening the peaks which happen on few contest heavy days.

We have an interesting update coming up soon about our approach to reducing the turn amount time.  Excited about providing a super fast coding experience @ HackerRank.


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